Nonabsorbable Suture

Because your health matters to us our team (GMD Group) put in your hands a wide variety of high quality non-absorbable and sterilized suture which is highly effective to support injury and accelerate healing.
Our non-absorbable sutures are widely used in various fields, like surgeries which need a permanent implanted inside body such as, implantation prosthesis or plastic surgery like face lift surgery, also it can be removed after few days depending on kind of surgery and according to surgeon.
Our non-absorbable sutures are very easy in handling and passage through tissue which reduce tissue trauma or any inflammatory reaction.
GMD Group have non-absorbable suture from synthetic source such as polypropylene and poly amid or from natural source like silk, which is coated with silicon to guarantee passage through tissue without any wound injury. these sutures have several features which make them kapplied in different surgical procedures according to doctor requirement.